Moon Township Municipal Authority

1700 Beaver Grade Rd   Ste 200
Moon Township, PA 15108
Fax: 412-262-9482

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM


Used motor oil, antifreeze & auto batteries
Contact local auto service centers and parts stores for disposal or Call At Your Door 1-800-449-7587
Auto parts Contact auto salvage yards or scrap metal dealers
Tires Contact tire dealers for disposal
Leaves Leaves are to be placed in biodegradable paper bags for separate curbside collection by Moon Township on designated days in the fall.

The Township recycles these leaves. Please do not dispose of leaves with solid waste. Conserve landfill space.  Leaves may not be placed in trash bags or containers.
Paint Dry up with kitty litter and dispose of with solid waste or At Your Door 1-800-449-7587
Small branches & brush,

Secure in bundles less than 4' in length, branches less than 3" diameter.
Twice a year Moon Twp collects at the curb for chipping.

Cut to less than 4' in length and bundled
Refrigerators Door must be removed prior to pickup
Refrigerators, air conditioners, & dehumidifiers Freon must be removed by a licensed technician and a required sticker placed on unit
Construction debris, logs / large branches Call Waste Management at 1-800-866-4460 to arrange for pickup. An extra charge will apply.
Electronics: TVs, computers, etc Call At Your Door 1-800-449-7587
Florescent Tubebs & CFL's Call At Your Door 1-800-449-7587
Garden/pool chemicals, household cleaners, household batteries Call At Your Door 1-800-449-7587
Inclement Weather Collection
During weeks of snowfall and icy road conditions (severe weather), collection service may be late or even fall behind by a day or more. And, during severe weather, please do not place solid waste or recycle containers at locations which may interfere with snow removal efforts.

Contact MTMA at 412-264-4300.