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Recycling Guidlines
Beginning January 2009, curbside recycling collection will occur weekly on the same day as your regular refuse pickup and the list of recycled items will be greatly expanded to also include most clean plastic and paper products.  Please refer to the list below.

Collection of recyclable materials will occur weekly, the same day as your solid waste collection.  All items including paper products may be comingled in the same container.  Nearly all clean and paper and plastic materials may now be recycled.  The list of recyclable materials is as follows:


(1)    Aluminum beverage containers.


(2) Steel and bi-metal food and beverage containers consisting of steel, aluminum, and/or tin.


(3)   Plastics – Plastic materials (All clean plastic, even plastic bags)


#1 (PETE) – Polyethylene Terephthalate:  Clear containers typically used for soft drinks and bottled water, oven ready meal trays


#2 (HDPE) – High Density Polyethylene:  Colored or Translucent plastic. Typically used for milk or juice containers and common household chemicals, grocery and retail bags.


#3 (V) – Polyvinyl Chlorite:  PVC/Vinyl commonly used for medical tubing, construction products such as pipes, siding and insulation.


#4 (LDPE) – Low Density Polyethylene:  Used predominately for film applications, dry cleaning bags, bread and produce bags and squeezable bottles.


#5 (PP) – Polypropylene:  Commonly used for catsup bottles, yogurt containers, margarine tubs and medicine bottles.


#6 – Polystyrene:  Compact disc jackets and plastic tableware.


#7 – All other clean plastic.


(4)    Glass – Clear and colored glass bottles and jars.


(5)    Paper Products – Any clean paper that can be torn or ripped, copier paper, soft back books, colored paper, file folders, insides of hardback books, bar line paper, magazines, mail inserts, business cards, shredded paper (placed in plastic bags), paper trimmings, catalogues, newspaper, telephone books, poster board, envelopes, greeting cards, chip board (cereal and other similar boxes, must be flattened to reduce volume) and coated paper.


(6)   Corrugated Cardboard must be flattened to reduce volume with large items to be placed beside or below the recycling bin. Flattened boxes larger than 30” x 42” must be cut into smaller pieces to allow loading. Do not put solid waste in cardboard boxes. Cardboard is to be recycled.


Contact MTMA at 412-264-4300.